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Extended Data Lets You Add New Data Fields To Your Standard Excellence Series Files

With Extended Data™ you’ve got the ability to add new and specialized information to your SouthWare Excellence Series™ business system. It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to be a programmer. And best of all you won’t affect your ability to add future updates to your system.

Extended Data™ is an add-on module that lets you add new data fields to your standard Excellence Series files. These new fields can become part of the normal entry and reporting for your system. Extended Data makes all your other modules more valuable by blending your unique information needs into the standard system information. You can also use Extended Data™ to create simple stand-alone databases. For example, if you need a database of the locations of all your office equipment you can set up a custom database file in Extended Data™.

  • Add information your business needs to the major master files in your system
  • Add extra data fields to the major transactions you process – you can even print selected fields on invoices, POs, picking tickets, and service orders
  • Smoothly integrate custom fields so they appear to be part of the standard system
  • Define your own sales period history that is automatically maintained as you process invoices
  • Create your own prompts and defaults for your custom data
  • Add new ways to search through your master files
  • Create your own custom databases

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