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SwiftMate – A System Environment You Customize To Your Needs

When you buy a computerized business system you’re also buying the environment that your people will be working in every hour of every day. You need it to be easy to learn so that everyone feels good about the new system. But you also need it to be sophisticated enough for your special security, communication, and other company-wide and personal needs.

SwiftMate™ is the system environment for SouthWare’s Excellence Series business software. You get a friendly user interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use. Your people get an environment that can be custom-fitted to the tasks they perform. And your entire system is made more valuable through the special functions and benefits provided by SwiftMate™.

  • Get your system up and running quickly and smoothly
  • Control which functions each operator may access and use
  • Adapt the menus for each user to show only the functions available
  • Know and monitor who’s using the system and what they are doing
  • Send and receive electronic mail between operators at any time
  • See instant on-screen help explanations about the function you’re using and control the amount of help given per operator
  • Interrupt any task to do another function, then return and resume where you left off
  • Have a common menu environment for all your software, even your non-SouthWare products
  • Configure your system to match the terminals, printers, and other computer hardware that you use
  • Customize your user interface with SouthWare Style options, including variable graphical menus, pull-down menus, and button bars
  • “Program” new features into your SouthWare products with Objects, Field-Level Objects, and Field Filters
  • Create Zoom Views to provide unique summaries of your data with “road maps” to further information

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Valogix expects their clients to reduce inventory by $1,000,000 in the first year

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